Moving Out Carpet Cleaning: Do I DIY Or Hire A Pro?

I am moving house and as with every move, it is expensive. To get my bond back I need to fulfill my end of lease obligations. My friends have told me to hire a carpet cleaning machine from the local supermarket. I hear this all the time and to be honest I can completely relate […]

Can I Save My Carpet With Professional Carpet Cleaning Instead Of Replacing It?

Carpets play various roles in your home, from adding colour, style and warmth to providing cushioning for the floor. Carpets are a large investment and to replace them is huge outlay. We are often asked if a professional carpet clean can extend the life of one’s carpets. The answer is a resounding YES!!! What to […]

my property manager is a bitch

My Property Manager Is A Bitch!

9 Sure fire ways to ensure you get your BOND RETURN back We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a property manager that we never got along with. Quite often, I get phone calls from people telling me about their property manager and that they are fussy or a complete bitch and they need someone […]