Who’s Been Putting Bald Patches In My Carpet?

Who’s Been Putting Bald Patches In My Carpet?

If you own a carpet and you’ve been seeing bald spots, it’s because the fibres have been chewed through. Bald patches make the carpet look ugly, old, and poorly maintained. Carpet moths and carpet beetles are behind this problem. It could happen to anyone; even the cleanest homes can sometimes get bald patches on their […]

What Renters Should Know About Pests

No one wants to experience pests and vermin in the home where they are living especially if the place is expected to be clean at the start of the tenancy. Although renters can complain if there are pests in the property, this does not mean that the tenant cannot be accused of any infestations. In […]

Lessening Allergens and Increasing Air Quality In Your Home

5 Ways To Lessen Allergens, Increase A Home’s Air Quality

A majority of people get exposed to animal dander, dust mites, and cockroaches in the places where they live. These can trigger allergic reactions and cause other problems inside the house. Size of the allergens Allergens are the ones responsible for asthma attacks because they travel through the air and then land on the furniture […]


Bug Alert!  All About Pests

Do you suspect a pest infestation in your home? Insects, rodents and other pests are not only annoying, they pose health risks, too, because of the bacteria and diseases they carry.