11 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

11 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

For moving day to become less of a hassle for you, there are basic things you need to know before that day comes. Preparing yourself is one thing, but there are a lot of other factors that you must consider. Early preparation is a must If you’re going to move out, you should start preparing […]

Moving Out Carpet Cleaning: Do I DIY Or Hire A Pro?

I am moving house and as with every move, it is expensive. To get my bond back I need to fulfill my end of lease obligations. My friends have told me to hire a carpet cleaning machine from the local supermarket. I hear this all the time and to be honest I can completely relate […]

my property manager is a bitch

My Property Manager Is A Bitch!

9 Sure fire ways to ensure you get your BOND RETURN back We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a property manager that we never got along with. Quite often, I get phone calls from people telling me about their property manager and that they are fussy or a complete bitch and they need someone […]