Busting The Three Common Myths about Carpets and Allergies

Busting Three Common Myths about Carpets and Allergies

If you have a carpet at home, but you fear that it might not be good if you or someone at home suffers from allergies, then there are certain misconceptions you need to avoid. It is essential that you know all about these myths that are commonly believed by people so that you can be […]

Four Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home

4 Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home You NEED to Know

Having a pet around the house is entertaining because they are very cute and can keep you company, but owning pets also has its disadvantages. These disadvantages can cause harm to your health especially if you like to keep them inside the house most of the time. There are a number of reasons why their […]

Lessening Allergens and Increasing Air Quality In Your Home

5 Ways To Lessen Allergens, Increase A Home’s Air Quality

A majority of people get exposed to animal dander, dust mites, and cockroaches in the places where they live. These can trigger allergic reactions and cause other problems inside the house. Size of the allergens Allergens are the ones responsible for asthma attacks because they travel through the air and then land on the furniture […]

Unexpected Benefits of Carpets for Allergies

Thinking of removing that carpet? Not so fast! Carpets are a very popular option for the flooring of residential and commercial establishments. There are a lot of assumptions about carpets, some of them negative but are they true? After some research, it was proven that the notion that carpets should not be used by people […]