7 Simple Tips for Easy Packing and Moving

7 Simple Tips for Easy Packing and Moving

Most people have experienced at least once needing to move and leave the place where they are currently staying. The reasons why people move from their current location vary, but we all go through the worries of moving. There are times when something gets broken while it was being transported because we did not pack it well enough, or we were not aware of how to protect it in the first place. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to packing and moving, so here are seven simple tips to make packing and moving easier for you.

7 Simple Tips for Easy Packing and Moving

  1. You need to rent a dolly together with your truck because it will be easier to transport things from your house to the truck.
  2. You really don’t need all of those boxes because you can utilize suitcases, baskets, plastic bins and garbage bags. You might even find the bin to be very handy because they can easily be unloaded and filled up again if you have more stuff to transport.
  3. Another option to protect plates from breakage is to wrap them in towels instead of bubble wrap and newspapers. Use the paper plates that you already have and put them in between the fragile plates to keep them from getting cramped and broken.
  4. Just put the clothes that are hanging in your closet straight into the garbage sack. It isn’t necessary to remove them from the You can just hang them straight from the garbage sack to your new closet.
  5. Make sure that the bathrooms, cabinets, and the kitchen are clean before moving day, so you are ready to use them when you get to the new place. You will feel more comfortable when you can work in a functional kitchen right away as soon as you move in.
  6. In case there are kids or pets with you, do not forget to pack snacks and food for them. If they are old enough, ask them to help out in carrying some stuff. Be patient if your child is still little because moving can also be upsetting for them. They will need time to adjust.
  7. There should be a bag with everything you need inside. The things inside the bag should be the necessities you will need, such as medicine and personal care products when you arrive at the new place. You want to avoid running around looking for these important things.

These are the best tips for packing and moving especially when it’s your first time. Make sure that everything is in order and organise your things well so you can avoid any delays or inconveniences, and you won’t end up having to look for things at the last minute.


CC Image Courtesy of Karl Baron on Flickr

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