5 Best Ways to Remove Odours from Your Carpet

5 Best Ways to Remove Odours from Your Carpet

You don’t want to start your day smelling that unpleasant odour coming from your carpet. Frustrating as it is, you need to do something to eliminate the smell. Remember, odours from you carpet can affect the quality of life and health of your family.

Let’s see what you can do to remove the odour from your carpet.

5 Best Ways to Remove Odours from Your Carpet

  1. Open your windows and doors to let fresh air into your house. Airing out the space will help get the smell out of your carpet.
  1. Your fibres act as a filter and collect particles and contaminants from outdoors. These particles can be a big contributor to your smelly carpet. If you are living with pets, it is important to keep their feet as clean as possible. You don’t know what they bring into your house. Make sure to keep your carpet clean by thorough vacuuming.
  1. You can also rely on household products that help remove odours. There are various household supplies that can be used for removing odours. A very good example and the most common first aid remedy for dirty carpets is baking soda. Inspect your carpet and locate the source of the smell. Sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet concentrating on the affected area. Using a broom, lightly brush the powder down to the carpet fibres. Let it sit overnight or a day or so. Sweep the residue of the powder and vacuum the surface of the carpet.
  1. There are deodorizer products in the market that are designed for specific types of problems on your carpet. Make sure to buy products with no harsh chemicals to prevent damage.
  1. If the smell still lingers after several attempts of eliminating it, it’s best to call a professional carpet cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Australia. We have experts in odour and stain removal and we work hard to give you a fresh and nice smelling carpet.


CC Image Courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr

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