Pet Urine in Your Home

How To Clean Up Pet Urine in Your Home

One of the greatest concerns when you have a pet at home is the odour. Even though people love pets, accidents are inevitable and they can leave stains and offensive odours on the carpet.  Pet urine and waste can affect the quality of life, health and environment you live in. Your dog’s or cat’s urine […]

How to Deal With Urine Contamination

How to Deal With Urine Contamination

All homes have experienced that bad odour from pet or even human urine found in their carpet or upholstery. This is an accident that can be caused by age (infants or the elderly) or an illness. A weak bladder can also cause a person to urinate involuntarily. When someone living with you urinates without control […]

Four Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home

4 Health Risks of Pet Odour In Your Home You NEED to Know

Having a pet around the house is entertaining because they are very cute and can keep you company, but owning pets also has its disadvantages. These disadvantages can cause harm to your health especially if you like to keep them inside the house most of the time. There are a number of reasons why their […]

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